AWANA:Reaching Youth of all ages with the Gospel of Christ
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What is AWANA?

The initials stand for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" (See II Timothy 2:15). AWANA is designed to stimulate children and youth physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. It's a great way to develop new friends and learn how the Bible relates to today's needs.
Our goal is to introduce boys and girls to Jesus Christ while providing a fun, safe, and a nurturing environment. We teach the life principles found in the Bible.

What happens at AWANA?

Games, team competitions, Bible study, music, outings, achievements and awards are important aspects of our AWANA Club. 

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Who can attend?

Puggles: 2 (by 8/31) and 3 year olds.

Cubbies: for older 3-year-olds through Pre-K.

Sparks: Kindergarten to 2nd Grades.

T& T (Truth and Training): 3rd to 6th Grades.

Trek: Middle School age.

Journey: High School age.


What are the costs?

Annual dues (to pay for awards the clubbers earn) are 20.00*.
Please pay the dues at the beginning of the club year or $10.00 for half year.
Cubbies, and T&T Handbooks used during the year are $8.00* each.
Sparks Books 1 and 2 are $9.00.

Each level has a free entrance booklet (replacement costs are .50).
When your child finishes this, they become a member and are eligible for a uniform.
*Cubbies Vest-$10.00
*Sparks vest-$12:00
*T&T T-Shirts-$15.00
Replacement Award Wings, Crowns and Badges are $1.00

(*) Payment plans are available.

When does AWANA Meet?

September, 2015-May, 2016

All of our clubs meet every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00 (check-in is at 6:15 p.m.).

Journey and Trek (teens) meet at 6:00 pm for their game time.

How do I sign up?

Club Secretaries will have the necessary registration forms and medical releases at every meeting or you can call Mickey Smith at 235-8045, or the church office at 235-4841 and the request the forms. Medical releases are necessary for your child to participate in club.

NOTE: To help us with registration, please complete the form and either mail to the church or bring it with you on the first Club night. Include any dues, book or uniform orders you may have.

How can we help?

Our AWANA club charges a nominal amount for dues. However, the dues do not completely cover the costs of operating the club. If you would like to help support this ministry financially, we gladly accept your donations! Volunteer Positions are also available. 

More information?

Commander: Mike McKinley  
Puggles: Merryam Tobey 
Cubbies: Janice Simons  
Sparks: Genny McKinley  
T&T Boys: Allyn Tobey 
T&T Girls: Margot Cioccio  
Secretaries: Mickey Smith

More about AWANA?

Discipline: For group, a 5-count system for all to be quiet is used.

Individual: 3-count:
1- warning,
2- sent to the director,
3- a call for you to pick up your child.

Safety: Please help us protect your child. Accompany them in and out of the building. In the parking lot and around the church area.